With support from members, KKS has been doing many charitable activities for the last so many years. KKS strongly believes in giving back to society, which has given all of us a lot.

KKS Donated Rs. 30k to support Gubbachi Learning Community, Bangalore in March 2023

KKS donated Rs. 30k to support Gubbachi Learning Community, a registered NGO with 80G exemption status, involved in creating positive, meaningful learning experiences for marginalized children, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty through education and live with economic, social, and personal dignity. Additionally, to empower underserved families through awareness, access to primary healthcare, and documentation

The donation of INR 30,000 is to be used towards the Teaching Learning Materials and Classroom Organizers for the students of Grades 1 to 3 at Nali Kali classrooms as designed by the DoE, Gok.

Wheelchairs, Blankets, and Walking support sticks to inmates of AIR Humanitarian Homes, Bannerghatta, Bangalore in Feb 2023


KKS took another step forward by extending its small help to homeless people through AiR Humanitarian Homes, Bannerghatta, Bangalore (a unit of FOSA).

Dial +91 97395 44444 in case you find and/or come across any homeless person across Bangalore. Team Humanitarian Homes will come in an ambulance and take the person to their premises for further care.

KKS donated the following items to Humanitarian Homes in the presence of Mr. S Shankar Sambaiah, Manager and Centre head, and Dr. Madhu.

  • Wheelchairs – 2 Nos.
  • Blankets – 100 Nos.
  • Walking support sticks – 15 Nos.

Total cost – Rs. 28.8K

It was an experience in itself meeting, talking, and listening to the inmates of Humanitarian homes and extending small help to them. With blessings from all our well-wishers, KKS has reached the stage where it has started giving back to society helping needy people.

Scientific Calculators (19) to Poor Engineering Students through Sairam College of Engineering, Bangalore in April 2021

Nutrition Kits Distribution to Poor Students at Two Centers of VIDYA in March 2022

KKS extended its thanks to members for their generous support in terms of donations received from ten members for the noble cause. KKS utilized a part of the donations towards distributing 200 Nutrition Kits to poor students at VIDYA’s two centers in Bangalore on 30th March 2022. KKS thanked team VIDYA for helping KKS distribute these kits at very short notice successfully.

Stationery Kits (100) to Poor Students through an NGO, GSQ Foundation in February 2021


The President,

Karnataka Kayastha Samaj,

No 203, Kalpak Arcade Church Street, Bangalore-560001

Subject - Received 100 stationery kits for poor govt school students

Dear Sir,

We have received 100 stationery kits from Samaj for distribution to poor Government School Students.

Thank you for your donation.

With sincere gratitude.


Mrs. Mousumi Chakraborty


Donation to Govt. Bodies and NGOs during the COVID-19 Pandemic (FY 2020-21)

KKS donated Rs. 55000/- to the following NGOs and Govt. bodies involved in feeding needy people who were/are in crisis, towards the COVID-19 relief fund.

  • Prime Minister National Relief Fund (11k)
  • Karnataka Chief Minister Relief Fund COVID-19 (11k)
  • Akshaya Patra Foundation to feed the needy through ISKCON, Bangalore (22k)
  • Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to provide food to daily wagers (11k)