Dear Members,


I am honoured and humbled to serve as the president of Karnataka Kayastha Samaj (KKS) for the last nine years consecutively, i.e., from 2014-2023. I would like to thank you all for your trust and support in electing me for so many years to this position.

KKS is a vibrant and happening community of Kayasthas in Bangalore who share a common vision of making a positive difference in  society. We have a rich history of engaging in various activities such as volunteering, fundraising, awareness campaigns, cultural events, social gatherings and charitable activities. We have also established strong partnerships with other organizations and institutions that share our values and goals.

As the president, I have six main objectives for KKS:

  • To strengthen our internal cohesion and communication among members
  • To increase our visibility and impact in the wider society
  • To obtain an 80G exemption from the IT department
  • To serve the needy people from underprivileged sections of society
  • To explore new opportunities and challenges for our growth and development
  • To make KKS the best society amongst similar societies in India

To achieve these objectives, I have been working very closely with the executive committee and the general body to plan and execute various programs and initiatives for many years under various Avatars of KKS. I seek your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve KKS and its functioning further moving forward.

I believe that KKS has a lot of potential and talent to offer to  society. I also believe that we can achieve more when we work together as a team with new ideas, skills, resources and technologies. Therefore, I urge you all to participate actively in our society’s affairs and contribute your ideas, skills, and resources.

I look forward to working with you all on this exciting journey. Together, we can make KKS a source of pride and inspiration for ourselves and others.

Thank you.


Animesh BisariaPresident, KKS (2014-2025)